Adrianna Gussen, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Adrianna Gussen

Barrel Racer

“For my competitive horses, having the FLAIR® Strips on, shows a whole new caliber of speed I never had seen before. My first run without the FLAIR Strip was a 17.3, the next day with the FLAIR Strip on, we ran a 16.8. There was almost over half a second difference just from the FLAIR Strip alone.”

Adrianna Gussen

Adrianna is an all-around Canadian rider with a focus in barrel racing. From a young age she rode horses in a variety of disciplines such as dressage, jumping, barrel racing, and roping. However, barrel racing clearly stole her heart and since 2017 she has fully transitioned to the competition side of the sport. This year she hopes to travel to some races in the US and dabble in the semiprofessional side of barrel racing.