CeJaye Lockridge, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

CeJaye Lockridge

Trick Rider

“In trick riding my horses go out and make 4-6 laps around the arena at a full run in a short amount of time with a very tight cinch. With FLAIR® Strips the horses don’t have to breath as deep to get the air they need.  When we leave the arena, the boys left it all on the table.  I love how they cool down so much faster with FLAIR Strips.”

CeJaye Lockridge

CeJaye began trick riding at the age of 8, felt the fire, and never stopped. She enjoys working/training horses, trick riding, trick roping, and leather work.  CeJaye lends a helping hand in her community by helping with trick riding clinics and horsemanship clinics throughout the year.  Her goals to aim for this year with her main ride Flash Gordon include mastering her next set of tricks that include under the neck, splits to the neck, side drag, crupper vaults, and cartwheel vaults.