Elaine O'Neil, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Elaine O’Neil

Barrel Racer and Pole Bender

“FLAIR® Strips were a great alternative to Lasix and in one run I was able to see how much they helped my horse and allowed her to breathe easier and recover quicker. Now it’s a no brainer for me since I am asking my horse to perform at her highest level, I need to give her all the tools available to be at the top of her game.”

Elaine O'Neil

Elaine has been riding since she was little, competing in the sport of barrel racing and pole bending. When not at her fulltime job she runs a horse boarding facility with her husband called Triple P Performance. The name Triple P Performance comes from the current three horses that they own and Elaine shows: Pandy, Prada and Pilot. As a 6 ft rider with a 13.3 hand mare as her main mount, Elaine is known by her hashtag #longhairshortmaredontcare. She has plans to shift focus to the younger horses in her program this year.