Heather Bush, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Heather Bush


“I had an ex-thoroughbred who left the track due to being a bleeder, and we thought FLAIR® Strips would help him on cross country. FLAIR Strips were a game changer for his breathing while jumping and galloping. Presently, my upper-level event horse suffers from allergies and breathing issues. FLAIR Strips have become an important piece of my tack for all my horses, not just the ones with breathing issues. It helps my horses breathe easier during our workouts and competitions, where every advantage counts – and FLAIR Strips give an advantage no matter what levels my horses are competing at.”

Heather Bush

Heather is a three-day event rider based in South Carolina who also competes in show jumping and dressage. She has been riding since the age of 4, introduced by parents who both rode horses. Growing up riding both in english and western disciplines, it was the three-day eventing, dressage and show jumping that won her heart. She competes in all 3 disciplines up and down the east coast with plans to compete at WEF, WEC, Pine Top HT, Carolina International, Fair Hill, Dressage Spring Fling, Dressage at Devon, Bromont, and Morven Park this year.