Kristin Tillman Dunn, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Kristin Tillman Dunn

Barrel Racer

“In Texas, the weather can be super extreme from one day to the next. The FLAIR® Strips help my gelding recover quicker and breathe easier. I currently own a horse that has EIPH, and he uses them when we run. He never seems short or out of breath and is ready to go for the next event. I would be nothing without my equine athletes, and FLAIR Strips keep my team feeling their best during a run and after a run.”

Kristin Tillman Dunn

Kristin comes from a diverse background of many equestrian disciplines. Due to this, she is well-rounded in understanding the importance of all equine disciplines and the mechanics of each. In 2021 she bought her WPRA permit and began to rodeo in WPRA and UPRA associations, but her competition schedule was cut short when her mare became sidelined due to an injury. In 2022, Kristin filled her permit and qualified for WPRA permit finals in October of last year. When she’s not rodeoing, she is educated other equestrians about PEMF and FLAIR Strips. Soon after obtaining her master’s degree, her presence at rodeos allowed her to obtain a large following from the barrel racing crowd and she successfully launched her own PEMF business. Her plans for this year include going to more United Professional Rodeo Association events with the goal to make the UPRA finals, while also continuing to rodeo on her WPRA card with the goal to make the Texas Circuit finals.