Samantha Smith, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Samantha Smith

Barrel Racer

“I use FLAIR® Strips to help my horses perform at the highest level and recover more efficiently. I was able to attend a seminar with one of the leading veterinarians studying EIPH in Canada and learned, as much air as our horses have to breathe through such a tiny airway, the tiniest bit of help can make all of the difference. In Canada, we deal with such extreme weather changes, allergens, etc. that our horses truly benefit from every bit of help we can give. Applying a FLAIR Strip takes next to no time, has no harmful side effects, and can help my horses breathe better and recover faster.”

Samantha Smith

Samantha grew up in a small town in Alberta on her family’s Bison Ranch. After graduating high school, she moved to the United States for five years on rodeo scholarships. While in the US, she was able to qualify for the Collegiate National Finals Rodeo for Tarleton State University. After college, she moved back home to help on the family ranch and compete at the Canadian Professional Rodeos. Last year, after winning the first Canadian Professional Rodeo Tour Rodeo of the season, she unfortunately had an accident in the alleyway resulting in a broken foot that sidelined her for the remainder of the season. She currently has a string of four horses running and is looking forward to competing in the professional rodeos and larger events in Canada this year.