Susie Gladders, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Susie Gladders


“I had seen many professional eventers using FLAIR® Strips and I decided to buy one to trial it, and the difference in my horse was so great that I now use the Strips regularly. I feel they really help with my horse’s performance and recovery from eventing.”

Susie Gladders

Susie is an amateur eventer based in the UK and she is very passionate about the sport. She has competed up to FEI Two Star level eventing and has competed at the championships at Festival of British Eventing. She currently has 3 horses in her string that she plans to compete this year. In preparation for events, she practices showjumping over winters to keep the horses ready for each coming season. She is a busy mother, with a 16-year-old daughter who also shares the same passion for horses and eventing. Susie and her husband also run a big livery yard with approximately 35 clients. This year her goals are to move her horse Rocco up to 2* and her two young horses up to BE 100 level.