Tristan Bowles, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

Tristan Bowles

Barrel Racer

“I use FLAIR® Strips because they help both of my horses but especially my older horse in her runs. Also, the recovery time is amazing. It cuts my mare’s recovery time in half. Plus, without the FLAIR Strips my mare would have little nosebleeds in the heat, but when she has a Strip on, I know that she is fine.”

Tristan Bowles

Tristan is an 8th-grader from Texas and is very active in her school sports and community on top of competitively barrel racing. She runs barrels in many open rodeos, youth rodeos, jackpots, and large money races. Currently, she is running on a small cow bred mare, that in her free time she is also training on breakaway roping. Plus, she loves working and sorting cattle. This year she would like to compete at a lot of rodeos or barrel races to become a better rider and to make her horses stronger. Tristan hopes to start running her horse and her mom’s horse consistently, enter her first breakaway roping, and enter more ranch rodeos in 2023.