2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador Program

The 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador Program is intended to engage riders at any level of competition to provide product education to their peers and promote use of FLAIR® Strips, VIP™ Half Pads, and Iconic Equestrian™ Original 2-in-1 Saddle Pads. Achieve Equine will offer approximately 20 Ambassador Positions for 2023.

Congratulations on being selected for Round 2!

Round 2 Details: Our Ambassador program is highly competitive; we receive many requests and applications each year. We received applications this year from riders located all around the world, from Hungary to Australia and Brazil. Over 100 applicants have been selected to advance to Round 2.

We strive to partner with those who are active in their equine community, passionate about equine health and education, enthusiastic about our collection of brands, and excited to share knowledge about our collection of brands to their equine network.

Please submit a video where, in two minutes or less, you explain why we should partner with you as an Achieve Equine Ambassador for the upcoming year. Round 2 applications submitted by 11:59 pm CST on Sunday, November 13, 2022 will be accepted for review by Achieve Equine.

Final: Achieve Equine will announce the 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassadors the first week of January 2023.

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