Meet Achieve Equine, formerly known as Flair, LLC.

Flair, LLC began with the simple idea of identifying horse and rider needs to bring products to market that meet the demands for safe, effective, evidence-based technologies for the health and welfare of the horse.

To move forward with our goal of bringing you a selection of innovative equine products in addition to FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips, we officially changed our name from Flair, LLC to Achieve Equine, LLC.

At Achieve Equine, we believe in developing impactful and long-lasting relationships. We deliver innovative, functional, high performing products to support the health and safety of horse and rider.

Achieve Equine is located near Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the pastures are green, innovation is intentional, and tater tot hot dish is a weeknight dinner staple. Our passion is horses. Our culture is built on relationships, data and a “get it done” attitude. Our team is kind, dependable, and knowledgeable. An emphasis on customer care drives us. We are happy to answer questions, provide tips and technical advice, and ultimately deliver positive buying experiences.

Achieve Equine is a reliable worldwide supplier of trusted, competitively priced equine products.

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for:

  • the horses who look after us,

  • the riders who ride alongside us,

  • the trainers who teach us,

  • the horse owners who entrust us,

  • the grooms who prepare with us, and

  • the stable managers who care for our horses with us.