La Nae Drozd, 2023 Achieve Equine Ambassador

La Nae Drozd

Barrel Racer

“I use FLAIR® Strips because of the added protection against bleeding. At least that is why I first started using them! Now I know that they do so much more than that for my horse. I love that he can breathe easier, recover faster, conserve energy, and reduce fatigue. When you rodeo, it takes so much out of them. I want my horse to be ready to go for the next run and these make it happen!”

La Nae Drozd

La Nae began riding at 10 years old but competed mostly at shows in the english discipline. 8 years ago, she made her dreams come true by purchasing her first barrel horse. Outside of her equine passion, she owns a small salon and is a full-time hairstylist. She has a passion for helping others and their horses. Her main goal in 2023 is to keep winning checks at tough amateur rodeos in the Midwest and to possibly make finals, all while keeping her horse sound and bettering herself as a rider.